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    Chief Creative Officer

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    Brand Design

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    Commercial Filmmaker

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The news says it all:

“The Four Seasons Ballroom was full of power brokers from across the entertainment industry.” (The Wrap)

“Saudi Arabian dignitaries came to Los Angeles this week with a clear message to entertainment industry leaders: Their country is open for Hollywood’s business.” (The Los Angeles Times)

“On Wednesday, at an event at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills…live entertainment partnerships with the likes of Cirque du Soleil were unveiled." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Working under the direction of Executive Producer Thinkwell Group, Creative Principals and Peak XV partnered together with David Messinger on strategy and executive outreach and DKC on public relations to lead the creative and produce the first Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia for the Kingdom’s General Entertainment Authority. 

Minnesota Children's Museum

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The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports on the concept for a new children's museum:

"Thatcher unveiled a general concept for the future that was hammered out with the museum leadership over the past two months. Not having a location for the museum identified added a challenge to the brainstorming, though Thatcher said, ‘If we get the story right, then you can put the museum anywhere.’”

Creative Principals was hired by JRA to facilitate several community brainstorming sessions on a proposed new children’s museum in Rochester and then develop a visioning package that could be used for fundraising.

"Park Clean-up Boy Does Good"

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InPark Magazine profiled the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Creative Principals in its November 2017 Edition. 

"Other than the food I don’t think there’s anything he didn’t touch. He drove our train, served as lifeguard and deck hand to our old, million-gallon pool before we had a waterpark, worked with the animals at the small zoo. He got ready in spring, cleaned up in fall, worked in water areas and merchandise. He could be counted on to do just about anything; he was creative and helpful, and always there when you needed him." Adult Geoff Thatcher today brings the same enthusiasm to his work that teenage Geoff Thatcher brought initially, years ago, to Lagoon Amusement Park. “The thing about a park is that you work long hours, and do whatever comes your way,” said Lori Capener. “Not every teenager wants to do that; that’s why Geoff was such a find. Today, he is doing exactly what he should be doing.”

Our name defines who we are

There are two definitions for the word "principal."

The first, an adjective, is about making something "important, consequential or influential."

At Creative Principals, we believe in the power of creativity. And we believe creativity in storytelling, design and production helps to define great experiences.

The second definition, a noun, is about leadership. In the arts, a principal is "the leading performer."

Creative Principals is not just about inspired creativity, but leadership. In other words, creativity isn't worth much if you can't see its concepts brought to reality through leading a talented team of writers, designers, producers, architects, videographers, programmers and artists.

For almost 25 years, the firm's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Thatcher has been leading the design of experiences for brands, museums, visitor centers and attractions with some of the best "creative principals" in the world.