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Creative leadership for brand experiences, museums, visitor centers and attractions...

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    Chief Creative Officer

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    Creative Writer

Warner Bros. World Opens

Working under the direction of Executive Producer HQ Worldwide Shows, Creative Principals served as the creative director for the grand opening of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

The grand opening project, which kicked-off in December 2017, culminated with the launch of the $1 billion theme park on July 24, 2018. We were responsible for leading the creative for all aspects of the grand opening, including...

The Devin SuperTramp "viral" video was viewed on Facebook more than 3 million times in the first 10 days after it was posted and continues to grow on YouTube, Instagram and other channels. A "behind-the-scenes" video provides some great insights into the process of filming inside the huge indoor theme park. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to work on such an amazing project.

AA Museum Re-opens Sept. 1, 2018

We were thrilled to see this video posted last week by the C.R. Smith American Airlines Museum.

As was written on the museum's Instagram feed, "An MD-80 cockpit is the centerpiece in a new, interactive exhibit at the CR Smith Museum." Creative Principals was hired by JRA to partner on new concepts and the interactive media for the museum's renovated exhibits. We can't wait to see it in person!


Today is a special day for us.

On July 10th, 2017, Creative Principals was founded as an S-Corporation in Ohio. As we pass 12th months in business, it's time to reflect on where we've been and thank those who have made it possible.

  • JRA: Our first client. Since July 10th, this Cincinnati-based design firm has hired Creative Principals on a number of projects. In fact, that first job is nearing completion with a grand opening July 30th.
  • The History Factory: While we can't talk about this project, we are grateful for both the collaboration and the great ideas (such as this one) that are found in this creative firm.
  • Granaroli Design & Entertainment: While Ty Granaroli has moved on to Paramount, we'll never forget his phone call, our first meetings in Doha and the great philosophical conversations over grilled chicken.
  • Exhibit Concepts:  Jeff Hannah and the team at ECI have been great supporters and after a year of talking about it, we finally won a big one!
  • HQWS: Our home away from home in the United Arab Emirates. And if you want to know what we are working on together, you only have to wait until July 25th.
  • Thinkwell: What started as an impromptu meeting in a hallway at IAAPA ended in a Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia in a Beverly Hills ballroom (and we've had fun bumping into Thinkwellians in Abu Dhabi).
  • PEAK XV: We first worked with the co-founder of PEAK XV in Rio and together we partnered on   the Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia.
  • Diamond Producer's Association: A dream client who works to enhance consumer demand for, and confidence in diamonds through #realisrare and other work.
  • Fern & Shepherd Chemical: Not our biggest clients, but every single project counts!

There are, of course, countless others we could thank...all of our creative principals, partners, and friends. Most of all, we'd like to thank our families.

And our muse 🙂

Now, here's to the next 12th months! 

FC Cincinnati Placeholder


The news says it all:

“The Four Seasons Ballroom was full of power brokers from across the entertainment industry.” (The Wrap)

“Saudi Arabian dignitaries came to Los Angeles this week with a clear message to entertainment industry leaders: Their country is open for Hollywood’s business.” (The Los Angeles Times)

“On Wednesday, at an event at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills…live entertainment partnerships with the likes of Cirque du Soleil were unveiled." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Working under the direction of Executive Producer Thinkwell Group, Creative Principals and Peak XV partnered together with David Messinger on strategy and executive outreach and DKC on public relations to lead the creative and produce the first Summit on the Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia for the Kingdom’s General Entertainment Authority.